Snorkeling at Happy Gecko Dive Resort Bunaken

The stunning coral walls of Bunaken circle around the island. This means that a lot of snorkeling spots can be reached from the beach. The reef in front of Happy Gecko is about a 150 meter swim away from the resort. Very suitable to do some independent exploring. There is usually very little current in this area and there is a good chance to spot turtles. 


You can also organize snorkeling boat tours at the resort. These typically start at 9 am in the morning and last until lunch time. You will visit 2 or 3 different sites, depending on how much time you spend in one site. The boat will stay close by so the boat crew can keep an eye on you and pick you up when you like to go back on the boat. By using the boat you can also make trips to nearby islands like Siladen or Manado Tua. 


Another option is to join the dive boat for snorkeling. Diving guests usually leave at 8 am for a full morning dive trip to two different sites. Experienced snorkelers can join the boat for a small fee and explore the top reefs while the divers go down the steep drop-offs. 

Dolphin Watching Tour

Besides snorkeling tours the resort also offers a dolphin watching tour. Wake up early and take a chance to see hundreds of dolphins.

Be aware that dolphins are wild animals and therefore it is not guaranteed that they will show themselves during your tour. 


Right on your doorstep...

An impression of what you may encounter while snorkeling at the reef in front of Happy Gecko. 

A special thanks to Oleh Velychko for his pictures!