valid until December 15th, 2022


Overnight stay


Single occupancy surcharge

EUR 28


EUR  8

Prices are per person per night including breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Coffee, tea and drinking water are free of charge.


Boat dive


Night dive


Full set of dive equipment per day*


Introduction Dive


PADI Open Water Diver course


PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course

EUR 25


EUR 30


EUR 10


EUR 49


EUR 375


EUR 320

Prices per person, including guide, weight, weight belt and tank
A fuel surcharge applies for dives to Mantehage/ Molas shipwreck/ Poopooh and other further away areas

* or EUR 2,50 per item per day with a maximum of EUR 10

Special Deals for Divers

Minimum stay of 7 nights & 12 dives


Minimum stay of 10 nights & 18 dives


Minimum stay of 14 nights & 26 dives

10% discount on room and diving


12% discount on room and diving


14% discount on room and diving

Discounts are based on double occupancy of a bungalow shared by two divers. Applicable only if booked in advance and directly at Happy Gecko Dive Resort.  


Rental of mask and snorkel


Rental of fins


Rental of wetsuit


Join dive boat as a snorkeler

EUR 2,50


EUR 2,50


EUR 2,50


EUR 5 (excluding snorkel equipment rental)

Prices per item per day


Half day snorkeling boat tour


Half day snorkeling tour to Siladen


Full day snorkeling boat tour

Dolphin watching tour

EUR 35


EUR 45


EUR 70


EUR 85

Prices per tour, max 6 persons, excluding snorkel equipment.

Fuel surcharges may apply for further away tours.

Snorkelers can join the dive boat for EUR 5 per person per trip, excluding snorkel equipment.


Airport pick up - Bunaken


Manado harbour - Bunaken

EUR 35


EUR 25

Price per transfer, maximum 4 persons

Entrance Fee

Bunaken National Park Entrance Fee

IDR 150.000 

This fee has to be paid by every foreign visitor to Bunaken National Park. 


If you plan to come to Bunaken with a group of divers please contact the resort for a special price quotation.


A down payment of 25% is required to make your reservation final. Please notify the resort immediately in case of any changes or cancellations. 

On Bunaken there are no banks or cash machines. The resort offers no means to pay by credit card, therefore you can pay cash in either Rupiahs, Euros or Dollars. In the airport and in Manado there are ATMs and banks that accept international bank cards.


If you bring your internet banking equipment you can make a bank transfer at the resort to a bank account in the Netherlands or Indonesia.