Budget accommodation in wooden bungalow

On the hillside behind the restaurant there are six spacious wooden bungalows. In the bungalow you will find a solid double bed, storage for clothing, a sitting area and an adjustable ceiling fan.

The sitting area and veranda have been furnished with bamboo furniture. Two bungalows have an extra single bed. Every bungalow has its own veranda with a hammock and bamboo seating. Sitting outside, you cannot see the other verandas and vice versa. What you will see from your veranda is a beautiful sea view and - between five and six p.m. - an impressive sunset. 


In the large tiled bathroom you will find cold tap water, a wash basin, a shower and a western (flushing) toilet.


The resort supplies towels, blankets, toilet paper and mosquito coils. There are mosquito nets on request or hooks to hang your own net if you prefer. 

Bunaken Island has 24 hour electricity, but you should be prepared for many power cuts. The resort uses a back-up generator in case of a power cut during the evening. 

Fresh tap water is hard to find on Bunaken, since it is such a small island in the middle of the sea. Happy Gecko resort has its own water system with a bit salty water, which can be used for washing. Drinking water is shipped in from Manado, this water is also used in the kitchen for meal preparation. 

Double / Triple share bungalow

Family Bungalow (4 persons)

Restaurant & Bar


In the breezy beach side restaurant three meals a day are served which are included in the price for an overnight stay. The meals are mostly Indonesian and fish lovers will definitely get plenty of that! Other than that chicken, meat and vegetarian dishes are served completed with fresh tropical fruit.


You can make your own coffee and tea and there is a mineral water dispenser to refill your water bottles. All unlimited and free of charge.


In the bar you will find cold drinks such as beer Bintang, soft drinks and ice tea.


From the restaurant and bar you can enjoy the amazing views of the sea and a pleasant breeze.


There is a library with novels, travel guides, fish books and some board games. 


The resort offers unlimited FREE WIFI in the restaurant area.