Happy Gecko's dive center is located at the beach right in front of the resort. 


The professional staff is standby to guide you to the most beautiful wall diving in the world. You will be amazed by the richness of marine life in the Bunaken area. The drop offs around the island are covered with many species of hard and soft corals. A home to over one thousand reef fish species. There are about 40 dive sites to explore and most of them are only a short boat ride away from the resort.



Happy Gecko offers you diving with:

Experienced dive guides

Happy Gecko's dive guides are born and raised on Bunaken Island and have many years of experience in diving and guiding. Therefor they know the reef very well and are proud to show you their "front yard". The guides are Dive Master certified and dive responsibly and according to the PADI guidelines. You will be amazed by their ability to spot the tiniest critters. 


Small groups

You will dive with a maximum ratio of 4 divers per guide. Whenever possible you will be paired with divers with the same experience level. 


Long and slow dives

The length of your dive is limited by your own air consumption. Your dive guide will ask you to surface with at least 30 bar left in your tank or if you use little air at a  maximum of 70 minutes. Currents can be unpredictable around Bunaken, but in general there is gentle current that will guide you effortlessly along the steep drop-offs. The dive boat will pick you up after the dive, so you don't have to swim back to the boat against a current. 

Comfortable boat

The Happy Gecko dive crew uses a 12 meter custom made polyester boat. This boat has plenty of space to store and set up your dive gear. There is a nice seating area in front of the boat to warm up in between dives or enjoy the wind in your hair and stunning views during boat rides. The boat is equipped with an oxygen tank and first aid kit. There is drinking water and hot water for tea and coffee on board. 


Short distances

Bunaken National Park's many dive sites are mainly situated around Bunaken Island. This means that most dive sites are no more than a 15 minute boat ride away from the resort. You can easily make two morning dives before you come back for lunch at the resort.

Full service
Your dive guide and the boat crew will take care of your equipment before and after the dive. They will make sure all your gear is on the boat, they will set up your tank and rinse and store the equipment after the dive. 


First class equipment 
The resort has mostly new and well maintained equipment that you can use. (Aqualung). The tanks have international and DIN valves. 


Competitive prices
Happy Gecko Dive resort offers full service diving at a very competitive price level. Special prices for groups are available on request.